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BAREWAYS Directions

A versatile routing service to find optimal routes based on user-defined metrics and real-time data


Powerful Route planning

Plan and explore routes and roundtrips for cars, pedestrians, bicycles, and trucks with the Bareways Directions API.

Enable immersive travel experiences with options to prefer scenic roads, panoramic views, and photo spots to promote brand-specific journeys.

Augment routes with nearby points of interest, detailed elevation profiles, and weather forecasts.

The Bareways Directions API can either be used as part of our Navigation SDKs or standalone integrated into your preferred platform and user interfaces.

optimal routes & roundtrips

Besides fastest, shortest and most efficient routes, user-specific preferences like scenic environments or preferred attractions on the way can be added to create a unique routing experience.

Real-time traffic data and weather-aware routing allow to avoid roadblocks, congestion and critical weather situations along the road.

Benefit from turn-by-turn instructions available in 25 languages for convenient worldwide usage and deployment.

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AI-powered travel guides

Elevate your journey

Define routing profiles for your specific vehicle fleet preferring particular road types, speed profiles or attractions and amenities on the way.

Add multi-modal transportation options for transit, walking or cycling to offer your users seamless transition and a unified travel experience.

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EMPOWER Eco-Friendly Mobility

Use the patent-pending Bareways EV consumption model to obtain the most energy-efficient routes for electric vehicles, taking into account regenerative braking, elevation profiles, and weather and road conditions.

Our charging planner automatically considers multiple route alternatives, allows to filter according to vehicle brand and model, and charging network preferences.

Detailed Statistics

Obtain detailed route profiles and statistics including road surface types, elevation, nearby places or nature highlight sections.

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Convenient Interfaces

Our engineering team will be happy to add your preferred interface on top.