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Welcome to Bareways, where you can leverage your professional skills, contribute to cutting-edge innovation and simply join like-minded people to build smart software products for exceptional travel experiences

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Find jobs build for the future: As a pioneering software development company, our team is shaping the future of navigation services for automotive applications and beyond. We don’t just build software, but craft innovative services that redefine the way people travel, ensuring a personalized and exciting driving experience.

We are a team of engineers, builders, innovators and designers with an omnipresent spirit of collaboration – pair programming, frequent tech design sessions, daily standups, and retrospectives enable agile and transparent development and exchange between junior and senior engineers. We encourage creativity, critical thinking, and continuous learning. Do you want to know more about us?

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Open Positions

Join us on our journey to shape the future of navigation technology. Whether you are an experienced senior software engineer, a visionary designer, or eager to start your career, Bareways offers to contribute to groundbreaking projects and to be a part of a dynamic team, driving innovation in the automotive sector.


Technical business development / sales for customized software solutions (B2B)


Deploy navigation & map services to AWS / implement scaling strategies / ensure data security & data protection


Develop routing algorithms & augment trip data / develop APIs & tools to provide & visualize geo-spatial data


Acquire geo-data sources / design processes, database architectures & interfaces

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Implement data acquisition strategies / extract & unify data sources / design processes, database architectures & interfaces

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Write your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis or do an internship at Bareways

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Initiative Application

We always appreciate initiative applications. Just send us an email with your CV.

Your Application Journey


Send us an email with your CV and supplementary information on your skills, acquired qualifications, completed or ongoing projects, contributions to open-source communities, references or anything else that let’s you stand out. Moritz will get back to you typically in less than 48 hours.

First call with our CEO

Moritz will invite you for an online interview. This first interview allows you to give an overview of your expertise, your skills and your expectations – and of course, Moritz will share our vision.

Coding challenge for engineers & personality tests

As a next step for an engineering position, we will invite you to solve a small coding task in a programming language of your choice. You can pick a challenge from a set of tasks that are very similar to some of our core algorithms but heavily simplified.

Additionally, we ask every candidate to participate in an online personality test and share the results with us.

Second call with our CTO

After we have reviewed your personality test and your results of the coding challenge (if you applied for an engineering position), you will be invited for a second online interview with our CTO Sascha. This interview will focus on details of your achievements and previous jobs. Sascha likes to understand your personal contributions to whatever you did in the past – whether it was a student project, your thesis, or the tasks, technical and personal challenges you were facing in your previous jobs.

Meeting the team

If Moritz and Sascha agree to continue, we will invite you for a final on-site interview in Lübeck. Typically, you will be interviewed by two of our senior engineers. They will give you a demo of our product portfolio and discuss with you ideas to improve, potential challenges, your experiences with comparable products or tasks. We want to get an understanding how it would be like working with you in a team. And of course, there is plenty of time to answer your questions.


If all agree, we will send you an offer and Moritz will negotiate the details with you. Typical, between the submission of your application and a potential offer, only about two weeks will pass.


Onboarding will take place in our offices in Lübeck. We will assign a mentor to support and guide you with your first steps. Beyond that, everyone in the team will be happy to assist you. If you need any help with moving to Lübeck, finding an apartment or other organizational topics, there will always be someone in the team who can help you.

Join Our Inclusive Team

At Bareways we are committed to creating a safe and open environment where every voice matters. Be part of a team that knows that innovation can only exist with a diverse, international, open mindset.

Perfect JOb Perks

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Remote work options: The ability to work at our office, from home or from anywhere

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Flexible, trust-based working hours: Work when you’re most productive

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Regular team events & outings: BBQs in the park, Halloween parties, summer outings, celebrations and more

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Open and collaborative workspaces: Modern office layouts that encourage collaboration and communication. Yes, there is a kicker table

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Professional development: Opportunities for growth through conferences, workshops, courses, and training programs

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Company breakfast: A regular breakfast including an adventure movie on Wednesdays, and drinks & snacks everyday


Pet-friendly offices: Allowing employees to bring their pets to work

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Family-friendly policies: Flexible schedules for families