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Maps & Navigation
for Immersive Travel Experiences

High-quality maps and routing services for safe travel, scenic experiences, e-mobility and fleet management tailored to your brand and application needs. Available as developer-friendly APIs, iOS and Android SDKs, mobile, web and embedded applications.

Best of Both Worlds

Bareways combines the convenience of a universal mapping & navigation product with the flexibility of a geo-spatial project agency. Pick a ready-to-use map and one of our field-approved routing engines, or have us develop a custom-built solution uniquely designed for your customers.

Our cloud-based software architecture with strict quality goals, intuitive configuration portals and user feedback tools ensure scalable services that can be tuned and personalized to specific user groups, market segments, local regulations and typical driving habits. Our services have been approved by premium automotive brands and enable eco-friendly mobility as well as AI-driven travel guides.

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Exceptional Maps

We provide versatile, curated basemaps enriched with high-resolution elevation data, satellite imagery, points of interest and live weather data to allow meaningful insights on the way ahead.

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Immersive Navigation

We provide powerful, fast routing engines for safe and scenic drives, tuned to your brand promise, vehicle fleet and customer expectation to build immersive travel experiences. Smart routes and roundtrips can automatically feature your preferred nature attractions, sightseeing experiences or dining preferences.

Flexible & Extendable

Our platforms offer highly customizable universal base APIs, empowering you to tailor your solutions precisely to your customers, vehicle types and target markets. We are happy to assist you to define and evaluate which data source, route profiles, and visual experiences are best suited to serve your customers and build a thriving user community.

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Designed for Scalability

All our services are designed for scalability using state-of-the-art cloud technology components, optimized for performance and information security to let your applications grow with your customer base.
Our experienced engineering teams streamline the integration of our services, implement customer-specific add-on features, and ensure timely deployment and delivery.

We’re  brand-aware

Experience the difference with Bareways – where each project receives the attention it deserves, resulting in a highly individual outcome fully adapted to your brand. Elevate your brand’s presence, with an all-tailored solution, ensuring a seamless user experience.

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Approved & Secured

Our platform is rigorously tested with customer fleets, guaranteeing performance and reliability. With well-documented interfaces, integration is effortless, saving you time and resources.

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